General Tips

For an example of how to deploy an Atomic NFT, you need look no further than our handy github repo.

Contained in this repo, you’ll find a handful of helpful scripts in the bin/ subdirectory, along with contract examples in the src/ directory.

Deployment Process

In order to deploy an Atomic NFT, you first need to have an already-deployed template contract. Currently Koii has three of these available:

  1. Standard NFT (similar to or Finnie wallet defaults) - r_ibeOTHJW8McJvivPJjHxjMwkYfAKRjs-LjAeaBcLc

  2. Erc1155 Bridge-Compatible NFT - 1ZjIecqKGYdGTFMWR9kdGrmi77lMmZnA6dxEzWulyjo

  3. (Experimental) Dynamic NFT - 1ZjIecqKGYdGTFMWR9kdGrmi77lMmZnA6dxEzWulyjo

Deploy the Atomic NFTs

Now let’s deploy the Atomic NFT:

Check the creatingNewNFT.js file. Change the info to your own:

Select your Contract-src:

Default is r_ibeOTHJW8McJvivPJjHxjMwkYfAKRjs-LjAeaBcLc. If you only want to deploy the Atomic NFT you DO NOT need to change the info. If you want to create a new contract and use it, please see the tutorial below.

Line 63: tx.addTag('Contract-Src', 'r_ibeOTHJW8McJvivPJjHxjMwkYfAKRjs-LjAeaBcLc'); // or select your contract id.

Change your arweavewallet.json path:

line 44: let wallet = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("path/to/your/wallet","utf-8"));

Change your image path:

line 22: '' // paste your image url here

Change init_state: line 25 - line 40:

"title": "",
    "name": "",
    "description": "",
    "ticker": "KOINFT",
    "balances": {
      "<Wallet address>": 1
    "owners": {
      "1": "<wallet address>"
    "maxSupply": 5,
    "locked": [],
    "contentType": "image/png",
    "createdAt": "1624057295",
    "tags": [

After the info is finished, deploy it:

node creatingNewNFT.js

You’re all done, Just a few minutes you could search your txID on

Here’s how can you deploy your own teplate contract:

(Notice: Deploy contract is not necessary)

First, enter the /CreateNFT/contracts/ directory:

cd /CreateNFT/contracts/

Second, check the .env file, make sure the path is your arweavewallet.json

WALLET_LOCATION = path/to/your/wallet

Third, in /src/nft/init_state.json file, edit this to your info.

You’re all set, now let’s deploy the template contracts:

yarn deploy nft


If you want to create some new rules for the contract:

Then, when you want to deploy your customized contract, run yarn deploy [your folder name]


This will return a contract ID, which you’ll need in deploy atomic NFT.

Example Deployment Script

import Arweave from 'arweave';
const arweave = Arweave.init({
    host: '',
    protocol: 'https',
    port: 443
async function createContract() {
    // Let's first create the contract transaction.
    const contractTx = await arweave.createTransaction({ data: contractSource }, wallet);
    contractTx.addTag('App-Name', 'SmartWeaveContractSource');
    contractTx.addTag('App-Version', '0.3.0');
    contractTx.addTag('Content-Type', 'application/javascript');

    // Sign
    await arweave.transactions.sign(contractTx, wallet);
    // Let's keep the ID, it will be used in the state transaction.
    const contractSourceTxId =;

    // Deploy the contract source

    // Now, let's create the Initial State transaction
    const initialStateTx = await arweave.createTransaction({ data: initialState }, wallet);
    initialState.addTag('App-Name', 'SmartWeaveContract');
    initialState.addTag('App-Version', '0.3.0');
    initialState.addTag('Contract-Src', contractSourceTxId);
    initialState.addTag('Content-Type', 'application/json');

    // Sign
    await arweave.transactions.sign(initialState, wallet);
    const initialStateTxId =;
    // Deploy

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